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The Gift of Siblings –

“My friend Campbell, who’s as fond of her two sisters as I am of my siblings, put it this way: “With a friend, I have to be more articulate. With my sisters, I can be my most primal self: inarticulate, childishly emotional. I’ll have a fight with my sister and say, ‘O.K., I know we’re in a fight, but I need your advice on something,’ and we can just put the fight on hold. They’re the only people in the world you can be your worst self with and they’ll still accept you.””

I’ve argued for a long time, and this article wholeheartedly proves the point, that siblings are the best gift you can give to a child.  The familial relationships a child forms become first forays into the social structure of the world around them.  While the reasons for only having one child range from an inability to a conscious decision to there are more on their way they just aren’t here yet, there is no denying that only children move through the world differently than those with siblings; there is also no denying that sibling relationships are not often perfect and can set a person up for a lifetime of success or failure.  (Incest?)

I believe that the role of siblings in a person’s life is integral, but by no means paramount.  I hold that the parents are ultimately the ones responsible for the education and formation of their children, whether there is one or many.  If siblings are an aid in this endeavor, then so be it, but if parents find themselves raising an only child whatever the reason may be, then it still falls upon their shoulders to give the child every opportunity for success in development and growth as they possibly can.