Exposing Twitter’s Massive Porn Problem

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Apparently 1 in every 1000 tweets is pornographic. What. the heck.


Great article, with some simple call to actions that we can all perform.

Source: Exposing Twitter’s Massive Porn Problem


The Teen Porn Epidemic…and what to do about it | Catholic Exchange

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The Teen Porn Epidemic…and what to do about it | Catholic Exchange.

“When Nathan started using internet pornography, he found that over time it somehow got less and less exciting. His daily routine soon included hours spent consuming porn, yet he had grown “almost numb to it,” he recalls. Like many men with addictions, he was discovering that the compulsive use of porn dulls the pleasure receptors of the brain, forcing them to seek ever-greater amounts of stimulation in a desperate quest for sexual satisfaction.

But Nathan was not yet a man. He was just twelve years old.”

Read the article for more information.