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The Real-Life Ukrainian Barbie Doll – ABC News

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The Real-Life Ukrainian Barbie Doll – ABC News.

Absolute crazy world we live in.

“She has had somewhere in the neighborhood of half a million dollars worth of plastic surgery done to look like Barbie.”


Talk about feeding a negative body image to girls as young as toddlers.


“If Barbie were in real life, she would be 5’9″, weigh 110 pounds, and her body would be so disproportionate that she would need to crawl on all fours because her legs would not support the weight of her body.”


In Contraceptive Culture, Women Can Never Rest | NCR Blogs

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In Contraceptive Culture, Women Can Never Rest |NCR Blogs


Another great article from Jennifer Fulwiler.

“In other words, women are now expected to be sexy from the cradle to the grave. And the message is clear: If men are not lusting after you, you are “invisible.”

We have contraception to thank for this.

For better or worse, a woman’s physical appearance has always been an important factor in the way she’s perceived by others and the way she perceives herself. But before the widespread acceptance of contraception, there was more of an emphasis on being beautiful than being sexy.”

What a sad, sad truth.