Thoughts on “Unwed Women Living With Men Risk More Unplanned Pregnancies” | NPR Blogs

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Unwed Women Living With Men Risk More Unplanned Pregnancies | NPR Blogs

It would seem like common sense, but a new study by the renowned abortion advocate the Guttmacher Institute finds the numbers to back it up.

“Cecile Richards, President of Planned Parenthood, which is no longer affiliated with the Guttmacher Institute, said in a statement that the report shows why the federal government should proceed with a recent plan to make birth control more affordable for those with health insurance.

“The take-home message is clear,” Richards said. “We need to do more to prevent unintended pregnancy, and access to affordable birth control is one significant way to do that.”

Well, this is interesting considering the statistics at the beginning of the article:

“[A new report from the Guttmacher Institute] found that overall, “the United States did not make progress toward its goal of reducing unintended pregnancy between 2001 and 2006.” In fact, the rate was 49 percent in 2006, virtually unchanged from 48 percent in 2001.

But the highest rate of unintended pregnancy of all the subgroups studied occurred among “cohabitors,” or, to use the vernacular, women who were shacking up.”


It sounds like a lack of birth control is not to blame.

It sounds like “doing more to prevent unwanted pregnancies” involves the financially draining task of instructing young women on the full picture of cohabitation, and what havoc it statistically has wreaked on relationships, not only when dealing with the issue of unintended pregnancies but with other issues that affect both parties, as well as the overarching issue of “lack of commitment” that damages society as a whole.

The solution to unplanned pregnancies is not “use more birth control”.  That’s throwing money at a symptom, when the greater illness has not been acknowledged yet.  There’s a bigger picture of the issue of casual sexual relations (defined as any sexual relations outside of a couple committed to the point of marriage) and it’s increasing popularity among the 20-24 age bracket.

There are many things the cohabitive mentality can be attributed to, and it is always to easy to blame the parents, but in this case, it might be worthwhile to examine that attribution.

  • Look at our divorce rate.  A marriage in the United States stands a 50% chance of divorce. What type of example are the children of these broken homes getting? I understand that every situation is unique, but let me explain it this way: A few divorces is a tragedy.  Half of all marriages ending in divorce is a problem.  Something else is going on.
  • Look at the messages projected from the media.  Any romantic comedy these days has the couple in bed together by the first or second date.

What is the answer?  Whatever it is, it won’t come easy, and it will not be well-received.


Pole Dancing Class For 7-Year-Olds Slammed |

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Pole Dancing Class For 7-Year-Olds Slammed |

…. Uh…… with good reason.

Who in their right mind would enroll their 7-year-old daughter in pole dancing classes?  I feel like I shouldn’t even have to go into the list of why this is wrong, but it’s teaching them all of the wrong things about their lives and their capabilities ….

This isn’t even registering…..

Woman Arrested For Leaving 1-Year-Old Daughter Alone In Hot Car | CBS New York

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Woman Arrested For Leaving 1-Year-Old Daughter Alone In Hot Car | CBS New York.

“A Long Island mother was arrested Friday for leaving her baby inside a hot car while she went shopping inside a mall, reports CBS 2’s Jennifer McLogan.

Police said the jet black Mercedes was parked directly in the blistering sunlight, with the engine turned off. A couple of windows were barely cracked — in the back — and alone a 14-month-old toddler — strapped into a car seat – was left sweltering.

The mother … had no explanation.”

……. the senselessness of some people astounds me.