Obama’s Sickening Birth Control Ad | Creative Minority Report

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Obama’s Sickening Birth Control Ad | Creative Minority Report.

“The gist of this is that little girls dreams will die unless you pay for their birth control. “

Emotional music playing slowly while watching children play on a swingset and talk about birth control?  So many things wrong with this picture.

So many things.

[Why the] Catholic bishops strike back | Washington Times

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Catholic bishops strike back | Washington Times.

“Why go to battle with the Catholic Church? The answer may lie beyond the current fray. So much of what the Catholic Church stands for is antithetical to so many positions of Mr. Obama and his core supporters (think abortion, embryo-destructive research, same-sex marriage). Perhaps, at bottom, this is no more than a power play. Take the Catholic Church down a notch now and make future battles easier later.”

Love this op-ed piece speculating the real reason for the HHS mandate.

Hate the fact that she’s probably right.