Those Catholic Women Who Use Contraception | Jennifer Fulwiler

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Oh Jennifer – such a good article. Thank you for writing this, in particular:

“I do not see women who display a blatant disregard for what their Church teaches. 

Instead, I see women who love their Catholic faith, and who genuinely desire to live in accordance with its tenets.

I see women who have been bombarded by secular wisdom on human sexuality, yet who have never heard a detailed explanation of their own Church’s beliefs in this area.”

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Source: Those Catholic Women Who Use Contraception

Woman recounts 11 year-old son’s nightmare addiction to Internet porn |

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Woman recounts 11 year-old son’s nightmare addiction to Internet porn |

Charlie’s mother wrote that she broke down the day she discovered the words “I am disgusting” written on the inside of his arm. She was shocked to learn the cause of her son’s personality change was pornography addiction, not drugs or drinking.

“An 11-year-old boy with no credit card had been able to access websites that presented every possible kind of perversion. Today’s pornography is vile beyond description,” she wrote. Scenes of violence, sadism, degradation of women and child abuse were common among the material stored on Charlie’s computer.

A major problem on many levels.

1) The child should not have had unfettered access to the internet.

2) The mother should have monitored her child’s online activity.

3) The parental blocks on the computer should have been on and stringent.

And as a side note, as tragic as this is, the mother cannot blame the government for her son’s pornography addiction.  They may have contributed to his ability to view it, but initial access was granted only when she put a computer in his room.