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There is no ‘ideal’ college experience  | Webster Journal

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This woman’s experience of college is unique, but that’s precisely her point: so is everyone else’s. A great, quick read to remind us all that choosing to live our best life starts with us, not with what we see on social media.

Source: Haley’s House: There is no ‘ideal’ college experience – Webster JournalWebster Journal

Pay Attention to the Gosnell Trial | The Daily Beast

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Pay Attention to the Gosnell Trial |  The Daily Beast.

A man who severs the spines of babies born alive during botched abortions also collected their hands and feet in his home.

And this is not making national news.

It is not hard to figure out why.  Read on.  One of the most harrowing things you’ll read is not even in this article.  Read its first comment:

“I read the article and failed to see what would be national news. Abortions involve violence against the fetus. Those of us of us support the wide availability of abortions are not denying the fact. “

May God have mercy on us all.