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Feminists Don t Respect Women; the Catholic Church Does | Blogs |

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Feminists Don t Respect Women; the Catholic Church Does | Blogs |

Jennifer Fulwiler writes eloquently on the four questions that led her from mainstream feminism to the Catholic Church.

  • Is Contraception Good For Women?
  • How Does the Contraceptive Mentality Impact Women?
  • Who stands up for all women?
  • Who encourages women to seek information?

Her entire post is well worth the read, but I want to point particular attention to her last paragraph.


Who encourages women to seek information? [The Catholic Church.]

Finally, I note that I’m always suspicious of any cause that is not comfortable with a free flow of information, especially when it involves withholding information from women. Notice that you never see secular feminists sites linking to videos of abortions. You never see pro-choice sites posting pictures of what, exactly, these “clumps of tissue” within the womb actually look like. You never see them encouraging women to research fetal development and learn things like the fact that whatever it is that’s within their wombs has a heartbeat at four weeks, fingerprints at 10 weeks, and fully formed genitals at 14 weeks. They even oppose bills requiring that women at abortion clinics have the option of seeing ultrasounds to find out what is going on in their bodies, on the grounds that it would make the women too emotional.

Hey, guys, Victorian England called. They want their view of women back.

The Catholic Church, on the other hand, respects women enough to tell them the full truth about human sexuality and human life. It never discourages them from gaining more information about their own bodies. It trusts them to be able to handle the truth, even if it’s not convenient.”

Seek all you want, the Truth is there to be found.