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Organs taken from patients that doctors were pressured to declare brain dead, suit charges | NYPOST.com

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Organs taken from patients that doctors were pressured to declare brain dead, suit charges – NYPOST.com.

This is unfortunately why Catholics are unable to list themselves as Organ Donors.  It is cases like this in which human greed overrules the sanctity of one human life that make what could be a wonderful and beneficial practice an abhorrent killer of men.

Catholics and Politics! Is nothing sacred? | Daily Meditations with Fr. Alphonse

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Daily Meditations with Fr. Alfonse: Luke 7:31-35 Catholics and Politics!.

“Everyone is an expert today. Everyone. There are very few professions that we still respect. And by respect, I mean those whom I trust may know more than I do with regards to a specific discipline.
Now, I still believe in experts. And I believe in them because I know I can’t be an expert in everything. I simply don’t have enough time to read up on everything.
Early this morning I came up with two professions that I thought we still respected: doctors and lawyers. But as I sit here writing this meditation, I believe I am wrong with regards to doctors. I think we go to the doctors only as a last resort. Why? Because we think we know better. So, we Google our symptoms; we self-diagnosis; we self-prescribe and then we finally go in to see the doctor. When the doctor gives us our medication, we end up not following the instructions. Why? Because we think we know better.

The same holds true for God and the Church. We are like children. And just like children, we tend to put as much trust in God and the Church as a child puts in the wisdom and experience of his/her parents. Not much.

So who do we trust? Superstars! All kinds of them too: music stars, actors and actresses, billionaires and their wives, politicians and their children.”

He goes on to explain the difference in knowledge and wisdom, and dogma vs. propaganda…. worth the read.

Review: FOR GREATER GLORY (2012)

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I had the privilege of attending the midnight premiere of the NewLand Films production of “For Greater Glory:, a story about the Cristeros in 1917 and their uprising against the federal government in response to the declarations made against the Catholic Church. (Sound familiar yet?)

With a stellar cast of big names and new faces, the story begins with the reading of the declaration by El Presidente Calles, played by Reubén Blades: “The Mexican government mandates that all foreign-born clergy be sent back to their countries, for Mexico will not listen to their lies about our government. Any remaining clergy who speak out against the government will not be tolerated.” The clergy are brought forward in droves and “dealt with accordingly”, you might say, and the audience explores with each character what it would mean to find courage and stand up for your beliefs. A snippet of advice given to the young boy sums up the entire Cristero movement in one line: “Who are you, if you do not stand up for what you believe in?”

Who are we indeed.

Follow the stories of the Cristeros and of little José Sánchez del Río as they learn what it means to stand up for religious freedom to the point of …. well, you’ll have to watch the movie.

Complete listing of theaters and showtimes found here. 

[Why the] Catholic bishops strike back | Washington Times

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Catholic bishops strike back | Washington Times.

“Why go to battle with the Catholic Church? The answer may lie beyond the current fray. So much of what the Catholic Church stands for is antithetical to so many positions of Mr. Obama and his core supporters (think abortion, embryo-destructive research, same-sex marriage). Perhaps, at bottom, this is no more than a power play. Take the Catholic Church down a notch now and make future battles easier later.”

Love this op-ed piece speculating the real reason for the HHS mandate.

Hate the fact that she’s probably right.