What Princess Charlotte’s Portrait Teaches Us about Raising Adults | Intellectual Takeout

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A question delightfully worth pondering:


“Is it possible that in treating children like children – both in the way we dress them and the activities we allow them to pursue – we will better prepare them for a natural, responsible transition to adulthood some day in the future?”

Source: What Princess Charlotte’s Portrait Teaches Us about Raising Adults | Intellectual Takeout

Judge Me By My Shoes? | Yahoo! News

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Judge Me By My Shoes? |Yahoo! News.

Absolutely agree with every single word in this article.

“So, what do your shoes say about your personality?

Some of the results were expected: People with higher incomes most commonly wore expensive shoes, and flashier footwear was typically worn by extroverts.

However, some of the more specific results are intriguing. For example, “practical and functional” shoes were generally worn by more “agreeable” people, while ankle boots were more closely aligned with “aggressive” personalities.

The strangest of all may be that those who wore “uncomfortable looking” shoes tend to have “calm” personalities.”

I totally judge people by their shoes and everything about their feet. They absolutely reveals deep psychological insights that most people are unaware they are expressing.

Psychology is just awesome like that.