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99% of Adults With Down Syndrome Report Being Happy in Life |

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99% of Adults With Down Syndrome Report Being Happy in Life |

Instead of calling people with Down Syndrome “baboons,” I suggest doctors give the news of a Down Syndrome diagnosis with a smile saying, “There will be challenges but your child is nearly guaranteed to be a happy adult!”

And really that is the price of embracing the culture of death, of using death as a “medical treatment” – it is quite literally the elimination of happiness.

My Wife is Expecting Twins and Im Not Happy | HuffPo

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HuffPo Reporter: My Wife is Expecting Twins and Im Not Happy |

This is what is wrong with our world.  Selfish, spineless, empty self-indulgent lives that lead to a type of gratification involving nothing that is not immediately pleasing and pleasurable.

There is absolutely no sense of sacrifice or honor in this report, nothing that doesn’t make me worried for the fate of this family or of these children in particular.

I welcome your thoughts on this issue.

Which one was conceived in Rape? |

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‘Which one was conceived in Rape?’: the viral image that deflated pro-abortion rhetoric |

“No one understands the flaw in the rape-abortion argument better than Rebecca Kiessling, who at 18 learned that she was conceived in a brutal rape by a serial rapist who held her mother at knife-point.

“Please understand that whenever you identify yourself as being ‘pro-choice,’ or whenever you make that exception for rape,” she writes in her testimony, “what that really translates into is you being able to stand before me, look me in the eye, and say to me, ‘I think your mother should have been able to abort you.’””

Powerful words.

Killing Newborn Babies No Different To Abortion | Huffington Post

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Killing Newborn Babies No Different To Abortion | Huffington Post.

The ‘After-birth abortion: why should the baby live?’ paper argues that the act wouldn’t be classed as euthanasia because the best interest of the foetus or newborn being killed is not necessarily the primary reason his or her life is being terminated. The authors state that after-birth abortion should be made legal and it should be permitted on the same grounds as abortion. They added that it wouldn’t be the same as infanticide.”

…. Are you reading this?  Can you believe what they just said?

It “wouldn’t be euthanasia” because they are not seeking the best interest of the newborn being killed. OBVIOUSLY.

Are you reading this?!?!?!