Catholics and Politics! Is nothing sacred? | Daily Meditations with Fr. Alphonse

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Daily Meditations with Fr. Alfonse: Luke 7:31-35 Catholics and Politics!.

“Everyone is an expert today. Everyone. There are very few professions that we still respect. And by respect, I mean those whom I trust may know more than I do with regards to a specific discipline.
Now, I still believe in experts. And I believe in them because I know I can’t be an expert in everything. I simply don’t have enough time to read up on everything.
Early this morning I came up with two professions that I thought we still respected: doctors and lawyers. But as I sit here writing this meditation, I believe I am wrong with regards to doctors. I think we go to the doctors only as a last resort. Why? Because we think we know better. So, we Google our symptoms; we self-diagnosis; we self-prescribe and then we finally go in to see the doctor. When the doctor gives us our medication, we end up not following the instructions. Why? Because we think we know better.

The same holds true for God and the Church. We are like children. And just like children, we tend to put as much trust in God and the Church as a child puts in the wisdom and experience of his/her parents. Not much.

So who do we trust? Superstars! All kinds of them too: music stars, actors and actresses, billionaires and their wives, politicians and their children.”

He goes on to explain the difference in knowledge and wisdom, and dogma vs. propaganda…. worth the read.

Lesbian couple lose foster son after posting pic to Facebook of him dressed as a girl |

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Lesbian couple lose foster son after posting pic to Facebook of him dressed as a girl |

“Dawn Stefanowicz, an author and speaker who was raised by her homosexual father, told LifeSiteNews that the incident highlights the dangers of placing children in “experimental family structures.”  She says children in such situations are prone to confusion about their sexuality and gender.”

“Gender identity, gender roles, and sexuality are often considered fluid and boundless in homosexual households, diminishing both the value and importance of our own birth gender as children,” she continued.She said that growing up in a household in which her father had sex with other men “deeply affected” her “sense of self as a girl and young woman.”“I felt rejected and not as important as the males in my life,” she explained. “I didn’t see a significant woman in my life – mother – being loved. This lead me to believe that maybe it would have been better to have been born a boy.”

It is sad that the children are the ones who suffer with the instability of moving back and forth from home to home, and they don’t have a stable set of parental examples in their lives.  However, I still feel that non-traditional families are detrimental to the growth and development of a child.  Children need good homes, and as Ms. Stefanowicz stated, situations like this put children in scenarios where they are prone to confusion about their sexuality and their gender roles not only in society but within their own home.  It’s dangerous.