Widowed Teen Mom Shoots Intruder to Protect Infant Son | People.com

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Widowed Teen Mom Shoots Intruder to Protect Infant Son |  People.com.


I am glad she knew what to do, and her baby is probably alive now because of it.

Her husband died of lung cancer on Christmas Day then two armed burglars break into her house supposedly to steal his remaining painkillers, and she gets the 12 gauge and calls 911.

“‘Obviously when somebody breaks into your house with a deadly weapon, they’re not here for anything good,’ McKinley tells NewsOK. ‘But I am very sorry and it wasn’t anything I wanted to do.'”

It goes on …

“I walked over and got the 12 gauge, went in the bedroom, and got the pistol, put the bottle in [my son’s] mouth, then I called 911,’ McKinley tells Eyewitness News 5, explaining she wanted the baby to remain quiet so the intruders would not know where she was standing as they charged through the door.  As she laid out the situation to dispatcher Diane Graham, McKinley said, ‘I’ve got two guns in my hand.  Is it ok to shoot him if he comes in my door?’ Graham responded: ‘You do whatever you have to do to protect your baby.'”

The story is also on CBS, and a lot of other networks.

I don’t think the Brits understand our self-defense laws, because from the way this article is written from DailyMail, it makes it sound absured and preposterous that we even entertain such ideas.  This is a quote from their attempt to rationalize it:

Attorney Doug Frieson told Newson6.com that the law always protects someone in their home, no matter the circumstances. ‘The simple fact that you’re unauthorized in the home is enough that allows the homeowner to use deadly force.'”

Pray for his soul.