Violent extremists: Of skinheads and jihadists | The Economist

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Violent extremists: Of skinheads and jihadists | The Economist.

“Jared Cohen, who heads Google Ideas, is keen to promote the role of technology in this battle. Suggestions from those at the conference included an online encyclopedia to debunk the narratives of extremist groups; a WikiKoran to offer different interpretations of scripture and encourage debate; and a video game set in the gang world where the winning strategy would require getting characters to abandon their thuggish ways.”

That last one really intrigues me.  How much of an impact would that have on our technologically centered culture?  How would its popularity increase or decrease as the violence in the world increases or decreases?  How would it be accepted in the gamer culture?

But really though, the question we should be asking is how long would it take for something like this to be developed, coded, released, and start making any sort of difference?  I fear it would be best measured by years rather than months.