Online Campaign Aims to Help Cheerleader Who Refused to Cheer for Player She Said Raped Her –

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Online Campaign Aims to Help Cheerleader Who Refused to Cheer for Player She Said Raped Her –

Admirable cause, interesting situation.


It is important to remember to pray for all of the victims of sexual assault, as well as their perpetrators.



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Because they go through the ritual of voting, which creates the illusion of control, the American people are willing to accept things from their government that they would never tolerate from an hereditary monarch. – Charles A. Coulombe

The Real Psychotherapist Behind ‘Necessary Roughness’ – Speakeasy – WSJ

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The Real Psychotherapist Behind ‘Necessary Roughness’ – Speakeasy – WSJ.

“Dr. Donna Dannenfelser doesn’t coddle her patients.”

This appeals to me on the phenomenological level, as well as my psychological background.  I am intrigued in this show (as bad as the previews were) and am interested to watch it and see where it leads.

It’s not often to find a psychological take that holds one accountable for their own actions… I am fortunate enough to have had that exposure in training and education, but there really are only a handful of people who accept that, in society.  It’s such a different idea, being responsible for your own actions…. you can only pawn your problems off on your family for so long.  At some point, you choose to be who you are and you continue to make your decisions in the present.  Not in the past.

We’ll see how deep into that Heideggerian philosophy this show chooses to go.

We still by no means think decisively enough about the essence of action. – Martin Heidegger

An abrupt intro to socio-opinion-blogging

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Hello readers,

A little about me before I delve into the world of social-political-opinion-blogging. I have been a blog-reader for quite some time now and recent events (or rather, my opinion of said events…) prompted my own entrance to the culture.

Topics that interest me: societal patterns and changes, matters affecting / attacking / threatening traditional family values (abortion, euthanasia, same-sex marriage, birth control), national security, international affairs, travel, education issues (funding, availability, reform), and any other myriad of things.  If you, reader, come across any articles you think I might enjoy reading, please send them my way.  I try and hit the major sites every morning to see what I missed while sleeping but I definitely don’t cover every story out there.

I believe any value worth having is worth defending, and that if those who held opinions actively worked to defend them, American culture would not exist as we currently know it.

“All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.” – Edmund Burke


Happy reading.