Why Casey Anthony’s Verdict Makes Sense – FoxNews.com

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Why Casey Anthony’s Verdict Makes Sense – FoxNews.com.


Read it.  It makes sense.


Barack Obama asks for Texas and Rick Perry to spare Mexican the death penalty – Telegraph

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Barack Obama asks for Texas and Rick Perry to spare Mexican the death penalty – Telegraph.

“The Obama administration, adopting a similar stance to the one taken by President George W Bush’s, believes executing Leal could endanger Americans abroad who are also entitled to consular assistance under the Vienna Convention.

“This case implicates United States foreign-policy interests of the highest order,” said Donald Verrilli, Mr Obama’s Solicitor General in an amicus brief filed in the Supreme Court case.

“The imminent execution of petitioner would place the United States in irreparable breach of its international law obligation.”

Executing him, he said, “would have serious repercussions for United States foreign relations, law enforcement and other co-operation with Mexico, and the ability of American citizens travelling abroad to have the benefits of consular assistance in the event of detention”.


Interesting to read about my state from a British point of view.

Also, not sure what I think of this case. Interested in others’ thoughts.

Wild Facebook parties could be banned in Germany – Telegraph

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Wild Facebook parties could be banned in Germany – Telegraph.

“Last month 100 Hamburg police offers made 11 arrests when 1,600 people gatecrashed a 16-year-old girl’s birthday. …The girl, who had to flee the party, had apparently forgotten switch on her Facebook privacy settings when inviting friends to the celebration.”


This obviously is a problem, but is that really the solution?

Should We Tell Little Girls They’re Pretty?

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Should We Tell Little Girls They’re Pretty?.

I wish I wish I wish I could remember where I heard the advice “do not compliment the girls on their height, their hair, etc., because that basically shows them you are only interested in their physical appearance…”

But it. is. so. true.

Overly-showering someone with compliments turns into a two-edged sword, particularly in light of my previous post called “Addicted to Lipo”.  As this current article states:

“Teaching girls that their appearance is the first thing you notice tells them that looks are more important than anything. It sets them up for dieting at age 5 and foundation at age 11 and boob jobs at 17 and Botox at 23. As our cultural imperative for girls to be hot 24/7 has become the new normal, American women have become increasingly unhappy. “

Who wants that!?

I don’t think ignoring their looks is the answer, but I do think wording is particularly important.  We were all children at one point, I am sure that comment / compliment / remark from Ms. Whoever or Mr. Soandso that you overheard (or were directly told!) sticks out in your mind to this day.  Kids remember things.  They have a lot less cluttering up their brain than we do and arguably, it’s what they remember from their younger years that really begin to define how they think of themselves.

I’d be interested to hear others’ thoughts on this.