I wasn’t ready for marriage – The Matt Walsh Blog

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Once again, Matt speaks truth in a simple and direct way that I appreciate about his writing. Worth the read for anyone, but particularly for those who struggle with commitment, and / or a constant feeling of inadequacy in relationships.

There are obviously other issues at play that can affect someone’s not-feeling-ready, but generally speaking a societal shift towards cohabitation and not-marriage is worth examining at it’s root; fear.

Source: I wasn’t ready for marriage – The Matt Walsh Blog

My Body Isn’t Just for Marriage — Reverb Culture

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This woman writes well, and speaks about understanding the dignity and beauty of the human body apart from the procreative act that so much of our culture is obsessed with.

“Many of us spend our energy looking forward, focused on something that is “not yet.”  We feel discontent and impatient. We compare ourselves to others. We’re afraid to share our struggles with chastity. We are caught between a hyper sexualized culture and a marriage-obsessed Church community.”

As a single woman, this resonates true with me. I’m curious what others have to say?

Source: My Body Isn’t Just for Marriage — Reverb Culture