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Those Catholic Women Who Use Contraception | Jennifer Fulwiler

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Oh Jennifer – such a good article. Thank you for writing this, in particular:

“I do not see women who display a blatant disregard for what their Church teaches. 

Instead, I see women who love their Catholic faith, and who genuinely desire to live in accordance with its tenets.

I see women who have been bombarded by secular wisdom on human sexuality, yet who have never heard a detailed explanation of their own Church’s beliefs in this area.”

Read on.

Source: Those Catholic Women Who Use Contraception

I wasn’t ready for marriage – The Matt Walsh Blog

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Once again, Matt speaks truth in a simple and direct way that I appreciate about his writing. Worth the read for anyone, but particularly for those who struggle with commitment, and / or a constant feeling of inadequacy in relationships.

There are obviously other issues at play that can affect someone’s not-feeling-ready, but generally speaking a societal shift towards cohabitation and not-marriage is worth examining at it’s root; fear.

Source: I wasn’t ready for marriage – The Matt Walsh Blog