Process of Transformation for the White House Residence | WaPo

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A super interesting article – the intricacy and level of detail mimics Downton Abbey….

Source: Here’s how President Obama’s home will transform into President Trump’s in just 5 hours – Washington Post

On Election Day we will all lose | Commentary | Dallas News

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I rarely, rarely post the same thing on all platforms, but that’s what I’m doing right now because this is an incredibly important message that must be given to as many people as possible.


“What matters is what we will do after this election. What matters is how we will treat each other in the coming days, months and years after whoever will win, wins. How will each of us exorcise this nearly demonic bitterness within us? Yes, you hate Clinton. Yes, you hate Trump. That’s fine. I’m more interested in whether or not you can love the person who voted for the candidate you hate.”

Source: On Election Day we will all lose | Commentary | Dallas News