PornHub unleashed a million-dollar ad in Times Square … but why?

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This attempt to “normalize” what has already become a “normal” way of life for many indicates, to me, a greater understanding that on some level, this is wrong. That on some level, this should not be happening. That Pornhub is pushing for social acceptance of hedonism. Why? If advertising is meant to increase traffic and drive up profits, then this ad is meant to increase Pornhub use for their existing customers and “normalize” a discussion of porn habits.

What can I say that conveys how tragic this state of affairs has become?

Look through the comments, and read how vehemently people rush to the defense of pornography.


Of pornography.


Forgetting that 1) porn is not fake, these are real actors with real lives that are in many instances damaged by their time in the porn industry, 2) the average age of pornography exposure is now 11 years old, indicating a massive overall shift of ideas of acceptable sexual behavior from a young age, 3) the increase of the porn industry has driven sex trafficking to exponential heights, and 4) addictions to porn has been cited as a reason for divorce in over 50% of divorces.

If you are struggling with a porn addiction, there is help.
-Art of Manliness just completed their week-long series on Pornography, and has a great post on how to “reset”.
Covenant Eyes is another good resource for internet accountability and filtering. 
-Find help from those who have been there
Matt Fradd can help you in this process, too. 

Find the help you need to become the person you are meant to become.



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