Improvising Illinois priest barred from pulpit | St. Louis Today

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Improvising Illinois priest barred from pulpit | St. Louis Today.

Further proof that Catholicism is built on a strict tradition that must be upheld with precision…..

“According to Catholic liturgical practice, priests are duty bound to the prayers written in the Roman Missal, but Rowe had deviated from the text for decades. He said he did so when the official words didn’t connect precisely with the message he was hoping to convey.”

A misguided but heartfelt request undoubtedly.  The rubrics of the
GIRM (General Instruction of the Roman Missal) are quite clear what can and cannot be said and when and when not it is to be said. The words are precise to the point that the direction states “The priest bows his head slightly at these words” or “The priest speaks these words under his breath as he…”.

What a beautiful faith we have, and what a precious gift it remains to us today.  Motions like this can be difficult to bear, but it is clear that disciplinary action had been taken time and time again but remained unheeded and his actions unchanged.  This measure was the last resort as a way to preserve the validity of the traditions that have been so carefully handed down for over 2000 years.


Our Lady of Guadalupe, patron of the Americas, pray for us!



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