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How to raise boys without the swagger – All Abroad Baby.

Awesome report on a book I’m now inclined to read for myself; “Swagger” by Lisa Bloom, and 7 ways to raise high-achieving, well-read, intellectually stimulated boys in this world of pandering screens and video games.

Noteworthy quote:

“As Lisa Bloom states: ‘If a violent criminal knocked on your front door and said he’d like some time alone with your son to sing some catchy and slickly packaged songs he’d written about life on the streets and behind bars, would you give him ten bucks, show him to your son’s room, and leave the two of them alone for hours, unmonitored?’

This paraphrase from the third chapter of Swagger kept me reading. It made me laugh and, at the same time, had me thinking ‘You couldn’t have put it any better’. Before this I wasn’t sure if I was going to finish reading Swagger. This is because it starts out with an alarming bunch of statistics and research into how girls are outperforming boys at every level of school, in every subject.

Boys are being kicked out of preschool at four times the rate of girls and girls dominate the top 10 percent of the class, while boys crowd the bottom 10 percent.



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