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Obama’s Sickening Birth Control Ad | Creative Minority Report

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Obama’s Sickening Birth Control Ad | Creative Minority Report.

“The gist of this is that little girls dreams will die unless you pay for their birth control. “

Emotional music playing slowly while watching children play on a swingset and talk about birth control?  So many things wrong with this picture.

So many things.

‘The Demise of Guys’: How video games and porn are ruining a generation –

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‘The Demise of Guys’: How video games and porn are ruining a generation –

“Every compulsive gambler, alcoholic or drug addict will tell you that they want increasingly more of a game or drink or drug in order to get the same quality of buzz.

Video game and porn addictions are different. They are “arousal addictions,” where the attraction is in the novelty, the variety or the surprise factor of the content. Sameness is soon habituated; newness heightens excitement. In traditional drug arousal, conversely, addicts want more of the same cocaine or heroin or favorite food.”

“A recent study from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that “regular porn users are more likely to report depression and poor physical health than nonusers are. … The reason is that porn may start a cycle of isolation. … Porn may become a substitute for healthy face-to-face interactions, social or sexual.””

Wow. In a secular news source, admitting this is a problem.  I’m impressed, but secretly devastated that the problem is so perverse that even CNN publicly acknowledges it.

Please reference THIS post for more information.

“What should I tell my kids about sex?” | Simcha Fisher

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“What should I tell my kids about sex?” | Simcha Fisher.

Most important parts:
“There is so much here that one thing is clear: there is no such thing as The Talk, singular.”

“This education has to begin at an early age, in an age-appropriate way. One reader sums it up this way: “5-year-olds need to understand what modesty is, and why our bodies need to be given an appropriate amount of respect. 7-year-olds need to be able to ask questions (and get answers) when they see “weird” magazine covers at the grocery store. 10-year-olds need to have some understanding of their biology. And so on. I don’t think there is an age that is too early to plant the seeds of modesty, purity, and chastity because it involves so much more than [sexual intercourse]. It is ultimately ordered to charity and the basic understanding that all people are created in the image and likeness of God.””

The whole article is worth the read.

[Why the] Catholic bishops strike back | Washington Times

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Catholic bishops strike back | Washington Times.

“Why go to battle with the Catholic Church? The answer may lie beyond the current fray. So much of what the Catholic Church stands for is antithetical to so many positions of Mr. Obama and his core supporters (think abortion, embryo-destructive research, same-sex marriage). Perhaps, at bottom, this is no more than a power play. Take the Catholic Church down a notch now and make future battles easier later.”

Love this op-ed piece speculating the real reason for the HHS mandate.

Hate the fact that she’s probably right.

Memorial Day Reading from The Art of Manliness

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Leadership Lessons from Dwight D. Eisenhower #1: How to Build and Sustain Morale | The Art of Manliness.

On this Memorial Day weekend, this is a fitting reflection on what makes a great leader. Take time to read the whole article.

Some excerpts:

The genuine tenderness Eisenhower felt for his men, and his acknowledgement of the very real, individual repercussions his decisions would cause, greatly increased his anxiety and the burden of his responsibilities. But while it wearied him, it also fueled the excellence of his leadership and the success of his command. Ike was the kind of commander both the men themselves, and their families, hoped they’d serve under. They knew that Eisenhower would not make a decision to send his men into battle if he had not thought long and hard about it and believed the action was absolutely necessary—that he would not play fast and loose with their lives, deciding their fate from inside an ivory tower.


When Eisenhower was stationed in Italy, he took a cruise around the Isle of Capri with some colleagues. When they passed a large villa, he inquired as to whose it was. “Yours, sir,” someone answered. “And that?” Eisenhower asked, pointing to another stately villa. “That one belongs to General Spaatz,” was the answer. Eisenhower exploded: “Damn it, that’s not my villa! And that’s not General Spaatz’s villa! None of those will belong to any general as long as I’m Boss around here. This is supposed to be a rest center—for combat men—not a playground for the Brass!”


In 1918, during WWI, Eisenhower was assigned to run Camp Colt in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, with orders to “take in volunteers, equip, organize, and instruct them and have them ready for overseas shipment when called upon.” […] The number of men at the camp soon swelled to over 10,000, and Eisenhower worried about what all the waiting around would do to the men […]So without any orders from Washington, Eisenhower set up a telegraphy and motor school and obtained small caliber cannons on which to train his soldiers. He also got ahold of some machine guns and made the men get so familiar with them they could fire the guns from the back of a moving vehicle and could take the weapon apart and put it back together while blindfolded. Later, although the brass had told him that the Tank Corps in Europe would have no need for men with training in telegraphy, the War Department requested 64 men with that skill; Eisenhower was ready to furnish them.

God bless our troops and those that lead them!

Priceless. “First Time Ever I Saw Your Face” | GE ad

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First Time Ever I Saw Your Face | GE ad.

Chills.  I have chills.

I wish this ad were still on the air!

The first time ever I saw your face I thought the sun rose in your eyes
And the moon and the stars were gifts you gave to the dark and the endless skies

The first time ever I kissed your mouth
I felt the earth move in my hands
Like the trembling heart of a captive bird
That was then at my command
My love

The first time ever I lay with you
I felt your heart so close to mine
And I knew our joy would fill the earth
And last til the end of time
My love
The first time ever I saw your face
Your face
Your face
Your face