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Almost Not Catholic: What To Do About Cultural Catholics.

“While Mass isn’t week-in-and-week-out populated with “cultural Catholics” (that’s what Easter and Christmas are for), there are still thousands and thousands of people in almost any densely populated location who will eagerly admit “I’m Catholic!” when asked about their religious affiliation simply because they were baptized 2-5 decades ago. In fact, some Protestants (Evangelicals) love to call this group of Catholics “devout”, especially when they “save them” on airplanes.”

He has some very valid points.  My favorites:
Rule-to-live-by #1: If you would get in trouble wearing a piece of clothing to school, you shouldn’t wear it to Mass.

Rule-to-live-by #2: If a dress is inappropriate for a PTA meeting, it is inappropriate for Mass.

Rule-to-live-by #3: When you pass the altar, you should show a little more respect than you would your 6th grade math teacher’s desk.

Rule-to-live-by #4: The Eucharist is not a snack, and genuflecting is not a curtsey.

These random sagacious sound-bites brought to you by “Tares: At A Local Parish Near You!”



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