Month: February 2012

Who’s that nun at the Academy Awards? | The Deacons Bench

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Who’s that nun at the Academy Awards? | The Deacons Bench.

A reflection on the story of Sr. Dolores, a woman whose life and vocation story has been made into a documentary that is now up for Oscar nomination.

“This is not something that you decide that you are going to do. A vocation is a call from God.  I can understand why people have a tough time.  because who can understand God? I don’t.  Because, when you deal with something at this level, you are dealing with mystery.”

-Mother Dolores on her response to her vocation, calling her away from a lifetime of Hollywood fame and fortune for a life in a secluded convent as a Sister at the Abbey of Regina Laudis.

I have chills up and down my back.  Wow.  Wow wow wow.  What courage to respond to her vocation in the face of incredible dissent.  God gives us each the courage we need to face our lives as laid out before us … but so few of us take up the cross to follow Him.


May this Lent be a wonderful example to us all of what it means to truly serve.