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10 ways to avoid marrying the wrong person |

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10 ways to avoid marrying the wrong person |

Wow. Wow. Wow. This is so complete and amazing.  It is definitely worth reading!!

Some highlights:

  • Do they have gratitude towards their parents for all that they’ve done for them? If not, then know that they will never appreciate what you do for them.
  • The fundamental emotional need of a woman is to be loved.  The fundamental emotional need of a man is to be respected and appreciated.
  • Recognize that there is incredible wisdom in why God has ordered us to refrain from intimacy before marriage; they are to prevent great harms as well as to keep sacred what is the most blessed part of a relationship between a man and a woman.
  • Aside from the obvious spiritual consequences, when a relationship gets physical before its time, important issues like character, life philosophy, and compatibility go to the wayside. Consequently, everything is romanticized and it becomes difficult to even remember the important issues let alone talk about them.
  • Intellectual commitment must be established before emotional or sexual commitment.
  • If you don’t feel safe now, you won’t feel safe when you are married.  if you don’t trust now, this won’t change when you are married!
  • When people get into power struggles and blame each other, it’s an indication they don’t work well as a team.  Also important is being vulnerable around each other.  Ask deep questions of each other and see how your partner responds.  How do they handle it? Are they defensive? Do they attack? Do they withdraw? Do they get annoyed? Do they blame you? Do they ignore it? Do they hide or rationalize it? don’t just listen to what they say but watch for how they say it.
  • People fail to realize that if they are unhappy as a single person,k they will continue to be miserable when they are married.  If you are currently not happy with yourself, don’t like yourself, don’t like the direction your life is going now, it’s important to take responsibility for that now and work on improving those areas of your life before considering marriage.  Don’t bring these issues into your marriage and hope your partner will fix them.

Widowed Teen Mom Shoots Intruder to Protect Infant Son |

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Widowed Teen Mom Shoots Intruder to Protect Infant Son |


I am glad she knew what to do, and her baby is probably alive now because of it.

Her husband died of lung cancer on Christmas Day then two armed burglars break into her house supposedly to steal his remaining painkillers, and she gets the 12 gauge and calls 911.

“‘Obviously when somebody breaks into your house with a deadly weapon, they’re not here for anything good,’ McKinley tells NewsOK. ‘But I am very sorry and it wasn’t anything I wanted to do.'”

It goes on …

“I walked over and got the 12 gauge, went in the bedroom, and got the pistol, put the bottle in [my son’s] mouth, then I called 911,’ McKinley tells Eyewitness News 5, explaining she wanted the baby to remain quiet so the intruders would not know where she was standing as they charged through the door.  As she laid out the situation to dispatcher Diane Graham, McKinley said, ‘I’ve got two guns in my hand.  Is it ok to shoot him if he comes in my door?’ Graham responded: ‘You do whatever you have to do to protect your baby.'”

The story is also on CBS, and a lot of other networks.

I don’t think the Brits understand our self-defense laws, because from the way this article is written from DailyMail, it makes it sound absured and preposterous that we even entertain such ideas.  This is a quote from their attempt to rationalize it:

Attorney Doug Frieson told that the law always protects someone in their home, no matter the circumstances. ‘The simple fact that you’re unauthorized in the home is enough that allows the homeowner to use deadly force.'”

Pray for his soul.

Criminal serving his sentence with monks pleads to be sent back to prison… because monastery life is too hard |

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Criminal serving his sentence with monks pleads to be sent back to prison… because monastery life is too hard |

This kind of made my day.

“A convicted criminal who was serving out his sentence in a monastery has escaped for the second time and asked to be sent back to prison because life [at the monastery] was too tough.”

And yet the Capuchin order has been around since …. the 1500s? Originally a part of the Franciscans, they broke off around 1525 after expressing distress that the Franciscans of late had, they felt, abandoned the austere principles intended by their founder St. Francis of Assisi.  Now there are the Capuchins and the Franciscans, and both have their particular charisms within the Church, and both contribute great things to the future of the Church.

Something this article doesn’t mention is the monks’ prayer hours…. they, like most other monastic communities, rise frequently through the night and pray for hours at a time, in thanksgiving to God for the many gifts they have.  The idea is that by establishing the strict self-discipline needed to conquer the needs of the flesh, they are able to focus more clearly on the glorification of God.

I especially like the comment at the bottom of this article, from “Alice”:

“The monastic life can be very tough; it is regimented and determined by daily acts of worship.  Many monasteries are largely self-supporting, and monks are expected to work in tending vegetable gardens and sometimes livestock (particularly on the continent).  Some also have a trade to serve the wider community – think Benedictine spirit, Caldey Island perfume and chocolate etc – and many don’t have any television.  Men (and women nuns) choose to live like this in austerity to worship God and exercise self-discipline in doing so.  The lack of self-discipline is what gets so many into trouble these days, so perhaps we should be sending people to the Capuchins rather than the obviously easier life-style of prison!”

I like Alice’s idea!!


† St. Francis of Assisi, pray for us! †