Month: October 2011

Anonymous No More: Child of Sperm Donor Speaks Out |

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Anonymous No More: Child of Sperm Donor Speaks Out |

“Alana S. was just 8 years old when her parents told her they would be getting a divorce. Her father made an effort to gain custody of Alana’s older sister, but not Alana. This would become Alana’s first of many painful lessons in what it is like to be a child of a sperm donor.”


A troubling industry to say the least, its effects are more far-reaching than we will ever know, and quite frankly should never be dealing with.


It needs to end.


Netflix Abandons Qwikster Plans –

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Netflix Abandons Qwikster Plans –


This company has horrible leadership.  But I’m glad they are not dividing into two.  That was such a ridiculous idea…..

I’ll keep my subscription, for now.

A personal testimony regarding China’s practice of forced abortion | NRL News Today

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A personal testimony regarding China’s practice of forced abortion | NRL News Today.

“I was drug into a surgical room. … While I was lying down on the surgical table I found that there was bloody fingerprints on the wall, left by other moms during their surgery of a forced abortion.”

And that’s not even the worst part.

She starts off:

“It was the spring of 2004 when I found out that I was pregnant. It was beautiful to sense this life growing inside of me: what a miracle! Meanwhile, I was also very fearful since I did not have the permit for pregnancy or the birth permit, which means, according to Chinese law, this baby was not allowed to be born into this world…..”

It gets worse from there.

China needs our prayers and our actions.  This is the biggest genocidal act in the history of the world, by those of the same race.  They are exterminating themselves.  The world is in madness and this is terrifying proof.  MADNESS.

Low birth rates a threat to economy, study shows

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Low birth rates a threat to economy, study shows | Catholic Register

““In advanced economies, citizens no longer must have children and raise them successfully in order to secure support in old age,” the study says. “Instead, the elderly in developed countries have largely been able to rely on health and retirement benefits paid for by other peoples’ children: that is, working-age adults who are currently paying the taxes for public pensions.”

But as the birth rates fall, the study shows, there will be fewer and fewer of these workers to support the needs of a growing cohort of retiring seniors.”


Ah, how people only pay attention when it has to do with their money.

Yes, this is a problem.  Late to the discussion, much, rest of the world?