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One Sperm Donor, 150 Sons and Daughters –

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One Sperm Donor, 150 Sons and Daughters –

“Cynthia Daily and her partner used a sperm donor to conceive a baby seven years ago, and they hoped that one day their son would get to know some of his half siblings — an extended family of sorts for modern times.

So Ms. Daily searched a Web-based registry for other children fathered by the same donor and helped to create an online group to track them. Over the years, she watched the number of children in her son’s group grow.

And grow.

Today there are 150 children, all conceived with sperm from one donor, in this group of half siblings, and more are on the way. “It’s wild when we see them all together — they all look alike,” said Ms. Daily, 48, a social worker in the Washington area who sometimes vacations with other families in her son’s group.

Now, there is growing concern among parents, donors and medical experts about potential negative consequences of having so many children fathered by the same donors, including the possibility that genes for rare diseases could be spread more widely through the population. Some experts are even calling attention to the increased odds of accidental incest between half sisters and half brothers, who often live close to one another.

“My daughter knows her donor’s number for this very reason,” said the mother of a teenager conceived via sperm donation in California who asked that her name be withheld to protect her daughter’s privacy. “She’s been in school with numerous kids who were born through donors. She’s had crushes on boys who are donor children. It’s become part of sex education” for her.

Critics say that fertility clinics and sperm banks are earning huge profits by allowing too many children to be conceived with sperm from popular donors, and that families should be given more information on the health of donors and the children conceived with their sperm. They are also calling for legal limits on the number of children conceived using the same donor’s sperm and a re-examination of the anonymity that cloaks many donors.”

What kind of world do we live in that these are our problems??

What moral compass do we keep to allow things like this to happen??

How has this even become an “industry”, and how has it grown to this?



Mexican Federal Police Cross Border To Shoot? | KVIA El Paso

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US Authorities Investigate Incursion By Mexican Federal Police – News Story – KVIA El Paso.

… uh……

When no one is shooting at you and you have no legal trespass to cross the border let alone shoot at American citizens, you should STAY ON YOUR SIDE OF THE BORDER.  AND DON’T SHOOT AT ANYONE.

As if American – Mexican relations weren’t strained enough.

Though, if the American hunters had actually started the skirmish by shooting at them, I’d say they have a right to defend themselves.  Doesn’t sound like the case though.

(Side note: If American federal police were accused of doing this, pretty sure there’d be an invasion.)


“U.S. Border Patrol spokesman Doug Mosier said armed officers with Mexico’s Secretaria de Seguridad Publica Federal Police were involved in the incursion, which took place in El Paso, near the Border Patrol’s Ysleta station.

The Mexican government, Border Patrol and Texas Parks and Wildlife Department are investigating the incident. U.S. federal authorities are also responding to the incident.An ABC-7 viewer contacted the station early Thursday, saying her son, husband and friends were hunting on the Rio Grande levee on the U.S. side when men on the Mexico side fired shots, narrowly missing them. The woman said more men on the Mexico side drove up with automatic weapons and into the U.S. side. She said the armed men fired weapons and stole the hunter’s chairs and drove back into Mexico.

Mosier said that at no point of the initial investigation were there any allegations of shots being fired at subjects on the U.S. side of the border, nor is there any information to suggest that any personal items were stolen from the U.S. side of the international boundary.”

The decline of Asian marriage: Asia’s lonely hearts | The Economist

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The decline of Asian marriage: Asia’s lonely hearts | The Economist.

Tagline: “Women are rejecting marriage in Asia.  The social implications are serious.”


From reading the article, there are definitely a lot of things going wrong in Chinese society.  Beyond the one-child per family rule and the preference for that child to be a male, there are other issues affecting the Chinese family’s future that the attempt to address in this article.

As for changes that would need to occur for this to stabilize, there really are many, and the chances that all or even some will occur are small.

  • Couples would need to actually get married.
  • The role of women in marriages as wife and mother (and sometimes co-breadwinner) would need to be appreciated more.
  • China as a whole would need to STOP KILLING FEMALE CHILDREN

But even after these occur, the cultural shifts that are being observed in Asian countries are far more widespread.  The economic impact of the millions of working women leaving the workforce to raise children all at once would cripple the Chinese economy.

Just as semi-gradually it happened in the first place, (all of this is manifest mainly within the last 30 years), it will have to be reversed semi-gradually.

How Women Objectify Men | Blogs |

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How Women Objectify Men | Blogs |

I’m glad someone said this; it’s true, and it’s not said enough.

Read the article for the points, but I will list them here anyway.  It is worth the read, and worth the reminder.

  • By reducing his worth to the work he can do for her.
  • Relatedly: by treating her husband as the sole proprieter of her emotional well-being.
  • By assuming that everything he does (or doesn’t do) is designed either to please or to annoy her.
  • By constantly comparing him to other men she admires (but probably doesn’t know very well)
  • Ironically: By admiring him too much

It happens, and probably not as often as men objectify women, but it is something that can and should be avoided.


Thoughts on “Unwed Women Living With Men Risk More Unplanned Pregnancies” | NPR Blogs

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Unwed Women Living With Men Risk More Unplanned Pregnancies | NPR Blogs

It would seem like common sense, but a new study by the renowned abortion advocate the Guttmacher Institute finds the numbers to back it up.

“Cecile Richards, President of Planned Parenthood, which is no longer affiliated with the Guttmacher Institute, said in a statement that the report shows why the federal government should proceed with a recent plan to make birth control more affordable for those with health insurance.

“The take-home message is clear,” Richards said. “We need to do more to prevent unintended pregnancy, and access to affordable birth control is one significant way to do that.”

Well, this is interesting considering the statistics at the beginning of the article:

“[A new report from the Guttmacher Institute] found that overall, “the United States did not make progress toward its goal of reducing unintended pregnancy between 2001 and 2006.” In fact, the rate was 49 percent in 2006, virtually unchanged from 48 percent in 2001.

But the highest rate of unintended pregnancy of all the subgroups studied occurred among “cohabitors,” or, to use the vernacular, women who were shacking up.”


It sounds like a lack of birth control is not to blame.

It sounds like “doing more to prevent unwanted pregnancies” involves the financially draining task of instructing young women on the full picture of cohabitation, and what havoc it statistically has wreaked on relationships, not only when dealing with the issue of unintended pregnancies but with other issues that affect both parties, as well as the overarching issue of “lack of commitment” that damages society as a whole.

The solution to unplanned pregnancies is not “use more birth control”.  That’s throwing money at a symptom, when the greater illness has not been acknowledged yet.  There’s a bigger picture of the issue of casual sexual relations (defined as any sexual relations outside of a couple committed to the point of marriage) and it’s increasing popularity among the 20-24 age bracket.

There are many things the cohabitive mentality can be attributed to, and it is always to easy to blame the parents, but in this case, it might be worthwhile to examine that attribution.

  • Look at our divorce rate.  A marriage in the United States stands a 50% chance of divorce. What type of example are the children of these broken homes getting? I understand that every situation is unique, but let me explain it this way: A few divorces is a tragedy.  Half of all marriages ending in divorce is a problem.  Something else is going on.
  • Look at the messages projected from the media.  Any romantic comedy these days has the couple in bed together by the first or second date.

What is the answer?  Whatever it is, it won’t come easy, and it will not be well-received.

6 strange ways to power your cellphone – The Week

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6 strange ways to power your cellphone – The Week.

Strange indeed.


Heartbeat charger? I’m not that dedicated to my devices to have multiple chips implanted in my body next to my heart for them.  No thanks.

Wind-and-solar-powered charger? Well, actually, that one actually would be pretty cool.

Pan charger? Hmm… I don’t go camping with my phone often ….. It almost wouldn’t even be worth it because I’m pretty sure there wouldn’t be any signal.  Maybe that’s next on technology’s list?  Your own personal satellite tower?

Voice Charger? That would be handy in a pinch.

Fan charger? It would be a bit cumbersome and probably more trouble than it’s worth …


It’s good to know that in the wake of any natural disasters, my electronic device charging needs are covered.

Feminists Don t Respect Women; the Catholic Church Does | Blogs |

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Feminists Don t Respect Women; the Catholic Church Does | Blogs |

Jennifer Fulwiler writes eloquently on the four questions that led her from mainstream feminism to the Catholic Church.

  • Is Contraception Good For Women?
  • How Does the Contraceptive Mentality Impact Women?
  • Who stands up for all women?
  • Who encourages women to seek information?

Her entire post is well worth the read, but I want to point particular attention to her last paragraph.


Who encourages women to seek information? [The Catholic Church.]

Finally, I note that I’m always suspicious of any cause that is not comfortable with a free flow of information, especially when it involves withholding information from women. Notice that you never see secular feminists sites linking to videos of abortions. You never see pro-choice sites posting pictures of what, exactly, these “clumps of tissue” within the womb actually look like. You never see them encouraging women to research fetal development and learn things like the fact that whatever it is that’s within their wombs has a heartbeat at four weeks, fingerprints at 10 weeks, and fully formed genitals at 14 weeks. They even oppose bills requiring that women at abortion clinics have the option of seeing ultrasounds to find out what is going on in their bodies, on the grounds that it would make the women too emotional.

Hey, guys, Victorian England called. They want their view of women back.

The Catholic Church, on the other hand, respects women enough to tell them the full truth about human sexuality and human life. It never discourages them from gaining more information about their own bodies. It trusts them to be able to handle the truth, even if it’s not convenient.”

Seek all you want, the Truth is there to be found.