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The Ten Happiest Jobs |

How fitting that Clergy are #1 on the list.  If you’ve put that much time into discerning your vocation, you know it’s where you’re meant to be…. that besides the fact that learning to live for those other than yourself is in itself a large reward of happiness.  I can definitely see clergy as being ranked happiest.

#7 Artists and #8 Psychologists: Woo!  It’s true.  Artists do have an extremely fulfilling job.  (And I secretly love that it’s ranked above psychology.) <artistsrant> If you love what you do, you love it no matter what you’re getting paid …. or not paid … to create.  The idea of “starving artists” will never die, because people’s passion for creation will also never die.  Interesting how art mimics life, and life mimics love. The world could learn a lot from the passion of an artist for their work. </3ndofartistsr4nt>.  Also, I love how they say that people who practice psychology seem to have “managed to solve their own [problems]”.  Hahahahaha.  Maybe, but I think it’s just cute that they think that.  Everyone has problems, some peoples’ are just more obvious than others’.

But let me just say…. #9, financial service sales agents?!?  Really???  I think I’d rather jump off a cliff …… But hey.  More power to them ……

Interesting that “parenting” didn’t make the list.



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    Jabelah said:
    September 25, 2011 at 03:07

    Nice Blog 🙂



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