The decline of Asian marriage: Asia’s lonely hearts | The Economist

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The decline of Asian marriage: Asia’s lonely hearts | The Economist.

Tagline: “Women are rejecting marriage in Asia.  The social implications are serious.”


From reading the article, there are definitely a lot of things going wrong in Chinese society.  Beyond the one-child per family rule and the preference for that child to be a male, there are other issues affecting the Chinese family’s future that the attempt to address in this article.

As for changes that would need to occur for this to stabilize, there really are many, and the chances that all or even some will occur are small.

  • Couples would need to actually get married.
  • The role of women in marriages as wife and mother (and sometimes co-breadwinner) would need to be appreciated more.
  • China as a whole would need to STOP KILLING FEMALE CHILDREN

But even after these occur, the cultural shifts that are being observed in Asian countries are far more widespread.  The economic impact of the millions of working women leaving the workforce to raise children all at once would cripple the Chinese economy.

Just as semi-gradually it happened in the first place, (all of this is manifest mainly within the last 30 years), it will have to be reversed semi-gradually.



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