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Many New York City Starbucks Locations About To Put An End To Squatters « CBS New York

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Many New York City Starbucks Locations About To Put An End To Squatters « CBS New York.

I am definitely glad this is not a Texas issue and that I am not in as dire need for free Wifi as I was before.

Texas declares new ‘energy emergency’ – [ALSO: Homeless in TX? How to get involved / Where to go for help]

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Texas declares new ‘energy emergency’ –

“The Texas grid operator warned this week of rolling blackouts or power cuts to industrial customers. It said all power sources were being tapped to meet record demand amid an unrelenting heatwave that knocked out power from 20 plants.

The crisis follows three months of record power demand amid 100 degree Fahrenheit temperatures. In February, the Electric Reliability Council of Texas was forced to institute rolling blackouts amid a winter freeze.

“I would encourage President Obama to call an energy summit,’’ Mr McCullough said. “Electricity is the only energy you cannot import.’’”


Oi vey!  This heat wave is astronomical!  There are major ‘drought’ signs everywhere in Texas.  The houses are shifting like mad, and foundational shifts are causing major roof and structural damage …..


If you live in Texas, don’t water during the daytime!!!


October (or rather respite, whenever that may be) cannot come soon enough!



You can always volunteer and donate to the St. Vincent de Paul Society, a national non-profit charitable organization.  Check out North Texas Food Bank, Texas Food Bank Network, Capital Area Food Bank of Texas, or West Texas Food Bank to find out where you can donate bottled water to the homeless of our beloved state.


Send Congress to boot camp –

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For lesson in shared sacrifice, send Congress to boot camp –

I wholeheartedly agree.  This is an incredible article.  Well, well worth the read, and he brings up some phenomenal points.  Kudos, Russel Honore.

“This isn’t leadership, it’s playacting. And we should all be disgusted.”

“How many of the grandstanding clowns in Washington took a bullet in the name of freedom? Are they willing to sacrifice as much as the average National Guardsman does?”



It reminds me of the Thucydides quote…

“A nation that makes a great distinction between its scholars and its warriors will have its laws made by cowards and its wars fought by fools.” – Thucydides

Literally, the most misused word – The Boston Globe

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Literally, the most misused word – The Boston Globe.

Hah! A news article about Parks and Recreation!

Also, about incorrect word usage eclipsing proper word definitions…. a pet peeve of mine as well.  Though I am going to claim ‘guilty’ to misuse of Literally …..

Other misued words that bug me:

your vs. you’re

there vs. their

its vs. it’s (i am way more guilty of this one than I’d like to admit though; I have to stop and think every time I use one of these words. it can still bug me though, in both myself and others!)


This is an incomplete list.  Many things bug me, these are the only ones that come to mind now, though …

Government mandated fuel-efficiency?| The Economist

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Government mandated fuel-efficiency? | The Economist.

I am not entirely on board with this idea, even after reading this paragraph.  The author discusses many of the same concerns I have.

“What the administration’s spin-doctors did not mention, needless to say, is the cost in terms of our ancient liberties. Mandatory energy-efficiency standards are a bit of a conundrum for a liberal outfit like The Economist. On the one hand, they clearly are an intrusion into the workings of the free market. On the other, they work. No one beyond the libertarian fringe seems to mind very much, they save us money that we would otherwise be too lazy or short-sighted to save for ourselves, and they’re normally designed in such a way that manufacturers manage to meet them without too much grief. Indeed, you can make the case that the failure to tighten fuel-economy standards during the 1990s and 2000s contributed to the collapse of the American car industry. A more visible hand was needed, it seems, and the European and Japanese carmakers labouring under one coped better than the likes of GM and Chrysler.”


Primarily though, I’m not interested in being forced to pay $XX,XXX for a car that meets the new MPG standards.  This is not going to be cheap to manufacture or cheap to purchase.  It may be cheap to own, but that’s assuming fuel-efficent parts are not more expensive to manufacture or install, which, judging from the precedents of hybrids, they won’t be.  That’s not really a benefit you can sell upfront, or at all, to certain people.


This is still an infringement of our rights, regardless of how good it is for the ‘environment’.  I’m not that excited.