100th Post!

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As a commemoration of my 100th wordpress post, I’ve collected my top 10 favorite stories so far.  (Also, I was out of town this weekend and missed my third ‘Top 5’ post….oops.) Twenty-seven days of blogging means a lot of stories, and a lot of discussion.  Thanks to all who read this far.

In no particular order:

1) Thoughs on “When the Best Place to be Born is the Worst Place to be Concieved”

2) Weddings vs.Marriages: Increasing Cost vs. Decreasing Risk

3) Should we tell little girls they’re pretty?

4) Why Casey Anthony’s verdict makes sense

5) The Applause at Mass Has to Stop

6) The Childhood hunger post

7) Thoughts on YouCat

8) The Pregnancy Trap

9) Motherhood is a Calling [And Where Your Children Rank]

10) 39% of NYC pregnancies result in abortion

Thanks for reading this far!! Always open to news story suggestions and love hearing feedback.



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