What If She’s Not the Right One? | boundless.org

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What If She’s Not the Right One? | boundless.org

“This scene reminded me of Brad, a 30-year-old man I interviewed for a research project this past summer. Brad’s disheveled hair, unshaven face and hollow, dazed eyes betrayed a young man still trying to find himself, not content to just have the middle-class lifestyle with the white picket fence, nice home, wife and 2.3 kids. Running his hand through his thick black hair, Brad wondered aloud, “How do I know that I’ve found the right person?” He peered around the corner to make sure his girlfriend who was waiting for him at another table was out of earshot before adding, “If you lined up 1,000 girls in front of me, I’m sure I could pick 500.”

In a world of increasing options — where it’s just as conceivable that you could marry someone from Iceland as it is that you’ll marry someone from your hometown — how’s a man (or woman) to choose?”

A really interesting article.  Read the whole thing, I would love more opinions.

  • In contemporary culture, there are at least two competing worldviews of what marriage is: the consumer understanding of marriage as primarily about individual fulfillment and the Christian understanding of marriage as the gift of self.
  • Marriage isn’t necessarily a ticket to our own version of individual fulfillment. What if your future wife becomes severely paralyzed? What if your child has Down syndrome? I suspect we have not adequately wrapped our minds around the meaning of marriage until we have considered the possibility that at any moment, whether during the honeymoon or in mid-life or in old age, tragic circumstances could call us to give up almost everything—our dream career, our comfort, our “happiness” — for the sake of the beloved. Marriage makes heroes, not consumers.

2 thoughts on “What If She’s Not the Right One? | boundless.org

    mirandaellisdesigns said:
    July 17, 2011 at 16:33

    I just wonder when marriage went from commitment under any circumstances to commitment only if the right circumstances exist and never change?

      Lacy de la Garza responded:
      July 17, 2011 at 18:09

      A wonderfully worded question. I wonder the answer myself.


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