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Addicted To Lipo.


This was an incredibly interesting article.  I wish I had a better word than ‘interesting’.  It was eye-opening, rather, that the female cultural shift in America has reached this point.  This poor woman (and her mother, we find out) are both addicted to getting Liposuction done.


What a terrifying addiction.


What a belittling addiction.


“I would be perfect, if it wasn’t for this pinch of fat here on my thighs..”


Here is the final paragraph, if you don’t have time to read the whole article (though I recommend it to all women.)  The final line is what struck me most, both as hopeful and as saddening:

“I make another appointment with Katz. He pinches my legs and says, “Nope. Nothing I can do about this. The fat is under the muscle. The only way to get rid of it is with cardio.” For a second, I don’t understand. What does he mean, “No”? But his refusal—the first I’ve heard over the course of four operations in a dozen years—gives me pause. The surgeries on my waistline solved a problem that had no other clear solution, but it’s startling to realize how accustomed I’ve become to throwing money and a cannula at my every body issue (an attitude I may have inherited from my mother, who, despite discouraging my own revisions, has a surgery count nearing the double digits). Now, after a few weeks of daily visits to the gym, my developing muscles remind me that change can be achieved by myself, all on my own­—on this particular problem area, at least.”


What is the future of the health of America, and it’s women?



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